Welcome to Jewel

Jewel is a plant-based restaurant—not specifically vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free—although many of our offerings do fit the bill.

Our Menu

Our food is inspired by the bounty of produce in southern California and features luscious salads , colorful burgers, mind-blowing pizza, warming bowls of pasta, and dynamic grain bowls with lacto-fermented veggies and bright pickles. The menu is inclusive of organic free range eggs to offer a healthy range of options.


Our Team

Chef Jasmine Shimoda is classically trained, with over a decade of experience across kitchens in New York City. At Jewel, she channels her training and passion for excellence into a plant-forward, farmer-driven menu.

Sharky McGee is a native of the Philippines, where she studied hospitality and restaurant management. She has enjoyed an exciting career as the manager of such iconic restaurants as Pastis and L’Apicio in NYC and Balthazar in London. Sharky joined Gjelina Venice in 2016, deeply drawn to their food philosophy and high standards.

Eat Lovely

Seasonal vegetables, sea vegetables, and fruits are the building blocks. Grains and legumes, superfoods, spices, nut butters, and cheeses are key players. Eggs can be added to your preference.

Refined sugars, processed ingredients, and products of industrial agriculture are never welcome.

Experience Jewel

We invite you to try our truly unique offerings.


654 N Hoover St, Los Angeles, CA 90004

We are open EVERYDAY: 10am-5pm



Until end of the month, Jewel is only available for take out and deliveryOrder now